New for 2020 - An excellent article about the birds in Priory Park. See the 'Birds' tab and don't miss the downloadable bird listing at the bottom of the article. You may be amazed.

Friends of Priory Park Warwick (FOPP) are an independent group of individuals and interested parties who have formed ourselves into an Association with a particular object in mind. That object is to do everything we can to ensure the continuation of Priory Park as a maintained but unmanicured recreational area in the heart of the town of Warwick 

Another of our aims is to bring Priory Park to the notice of people who may not have appreciated that they have a very unique and valuable asset on their doorstep -  one which has to be protected and preserved for future generations.

Membership of Friends of Priory Park is open to anyone who has any interest of any sort in the park, it’s flora and fauna, it’s wildlife and it’s general amenities.

It is unfortunate that, in the past, parts of the park have been nibbled away by various bodies for various purposes.

One of our primary aims is to prevent that from happening in future. You can help.

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