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What we do

How we do it

What’s happening now

We meet regularly in The Wild Boar on Lakin Road, usually

four times a year, one of which meetings is an Annual General

Meeting to elect officers and committee members.

In addition we have organised events associated with the park.

We have a formal structure with a constitution.
Our officers and committee members are :-
Chairman                                       Jerry Birkbeck
Treasurer                                       Patrick Casey
Secretary                                       Dave Skinner
Librarian                                         Susan Clark
Members   Jo Birkbeck,  Linda Bromley
We liaise directly with Warwick District Council who are the statutory
body responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the park. We are
always interested in anything which may have a bearing on the wellbeing
of the park and we act accordingly

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I mentioned that I would update the website as I received information

On 17th April 2018 I wrote to Jon Holmes, WDC’s Green Spaces Development Officer for an update on the following issues. His responses are at the end of each query.

1.    Pedestrian access to the Park from the Railway Bridge  This was discussed at some length last year and the understanding that FOPP was given was that a specification had been/was being prepared with a view to undertaking the work this Spring. What has happened and would it be possible to give us a start and completion date please. 

WDC Response: 18.04.2018

We have a price on amended scheme following English  Heritage’s comments Consent has gone in for the works  some while ago now,  we are waiting for English heritage response permission to proceed , I spoke to our surveyor yesterday who is going to chase .

2. Footpath/Cycleway from Cape Road along the western boundary of the ParkThis was cleaned last year but it is once again becoming problematic as the gulleys are full and need cleaning. 

WDC Response: 18.04.2018

This is for our area officers will forward your concerns officer responsible is Susan Conner who is on leave until next Tuesday

Susan responded:

Thank you for your email. I have asked the cleansing team to ensure that they clean this area thoroughly on their next visit and to ensure the area is kept clean and tidy in the future. I will continue to monitor the area to ensure standards are maintained.   

3.    Proposed replanting I attended a Committee Meeting of the Warwick Society last week. A point was raised about tree planting species being agreed for replacements following the felling work. Has anything been done on this? Please advise. 

WDC Response: 18.04.2018

Tree planting  One new tree planted this season , we will look at planting ,I am waiting to see how the regen establishes in area 2 from coppicing and the tree works this year. will assess if any trees- understory planting  is required.

 Please post any comments or suggestions on  this website.

4.  Site Meeting

I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps a meeting with you and Dave would be useful so that you can update us on any specific issues please?

WDC Response: 18.04.2018

Currently works loads are such I would prefer to wait for a site meeting.

What can you do as Park users?


If you are able to update us on any of the above contact us through this website please.

Jerry Birkbeck

Wednesday 25 April 2018